Who do you belong to?

Whether we realize it or not, our lives are influenced by advertisements on a daily basis. There are good advertisements, bad advertisements and everything in between. The advertisement I chose to critique falls under both good and bad categories. Good, because it is a 30 second televised ad that is funny, so it captures its audience in an appealing manner. Bad, because the ad is so captivating it takes away from what service they are trying to sell.

So that leaves me with my argument, just because an ad is funny and appealing to the audience does that make it a good ad? If you can’t remember what’s being advertised doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of an ad?

The scene is two politicians, obvious opponents, talking in an office supply store (like Kinko’s) about how they are both glad they are running a mature and civil race when they are interrupted by the office worker handing one of the politicians his signs to be approved that read “Honk if you had an affair with Taylor.” Taylor is the new sign owner’s opponent.

The most effective advertisements spark some type of emotion, laughter, sadness, happiness or anger for example. The ad mentioned above is funny, but the service offered isn’t remembered. This wasn’t an effective ad, simply because of product placement.

I had to Google the commercials summary to find out who the ad belonged to. After a good ten minutes of searching I discovered that FedEx Office was the service being sold. A way to strengthen future FedEx Office advertisements would be to integrate their name into the commercial more so that it will stick with the viewers.

Video attached below.


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