News Release

After searching for some time to find a news release that was worth reading I came across a press release that was written for an eighth grade boy by the name of Joe Jones. Jones is an eagle scout that was being presented a high ranking in Eagle Scouts for planning and carrying out a project that required 200 hours of his volunteered time.

I like the writing in this release because it is very short and to the point. The only thing that could make it a little more readable is an interesting fact. I don’t feel like the facts listed here are very fun or, for lack of a better word- interesting.

I would also add a quote directly from Jones himself to show a little more ownership of the release (I know Jones didn’t write the release but the quote would help it to feel more personal.) Other than the things I have listed I believe overall this is a very well written news release that was executed effectively.


One thought on “News Release

  1. Hi there. I agree that this is a good example of a Press Release, but it’s not a “great” one. It really could be though. It simply answers the basic “who” “what” “where” and “why” questions, certainly, but I have to say that I believe the best idea is to make the PR really pop to the reader with a fun or inspired headline and excellent content. It need not be clinical.
    Regardless, I say “thank you for showing.” I need to get to writing my own Press Release for my new Atlanta Social Media Marketing services.
    I’m Robert Hughey. I call myself a “Social Media Marketing Evangelist,” as I preach the power of Social Media in Internet Marketing. I’m glad I came across your site tonight. Nice to meet you.

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